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I have made the last update to this database that will be made as of 9 August 2015. I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY FURTHER CHANGES TO THIS DATABASE. You are welcome to use it as a resource. Please be aware there may be errors and omissions included and use the information here as a guide only. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CHECK THE INFORMATION YOURSELF AND FIND SOURCES TO CONFIRM IT.

This update includes over 26,000 individuals and 7,900 families. Major surnames connected to the Strutton line include: Cantrell, Bailey, Luttrell, Womack, Stone, and Benson. Please feel free to browse your family and I hope you will find data of use to your family history.

All my time is now being spent working at www.wikitree.com (see link in Resources at right). My data is being transferred to that website. Please stop in for a visit. I'm sure you will find many of your ancestors already there.

I would like to remind you to check out my book on the Luttrell family, the result of many years of research and over a year and a half in the writing.

Luttrells in America: Descendants of James, Robert and Vincent Luttrell: From Ireland to Virginia and Beyond 1671-1900

The text follows the descendants of James and Robert Luttrell, distant cousins, who immigrated from Ireland to the Virginia Colony. James Luttrell arrived in 1671 and Robert Luttrell in 1690-1700. Special emphasis is given to Vincent Luttrell and his descendants, as he is my direct ancestor. He settled in Lincoln Co., TN about 1810. His children and grandchildren migrated to Oklahoma and Texas about 1872/1873. The book contains over 4,000 individuals in 622 pages.

It is available in paperback from Amazon.com for $22.95.

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